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About us

Culture Express is a publication which compiles fine arts information in Taipei City, published by the Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Each month 30,000 copies are published in traditional Chinese and 15,000 multilingual foldouts in English and Japanese are placed in public spaces such as the airport, Taipei MRT stations, government organizations, hotels, performance locations, and bookstores for people to take free of charge. The content of the publication contains monthly information regarding fine arts performances in Taipei and a feature report. This provides people with a source to acquire fine arts information in Taipei City. Since April 2009, CTU has provided assistance with the editing, publication, and website management for Department of Cultural Affairs’ Culture Express. CTU is a subsidiary of the China Times Media Group. The company has performed outstandingly and won much approval in the realms of publishing and integrated marketing in the past twenty years. CTU will utilize its publication and marketing expertise, in combination with the united support of media from its parent corporation, to help Culture Express become ever better. This will provide Taipei City residents and tourists who visit Taipei City to acquire the clearest, most detailed information on fine arts. At the same time, the hope is that this will aid in the development and growth of the cultural creativity industry. Culture Express welcomes all comments and suggestions.