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Culture Express provides free information for arts groups. Upload relevant information to the website before the deadline, and our editing department will arrange the information and publish it in the Culture Express monthly publication and leaflet according to the situation. Those who want to publish arts events information should apply for an account. Following verification, we will provide you with a username and password; after logging in, please fill in the necessary information and send it.

1.Notes on publication:

  1. Information will be divided into 8 event categories: ‘performing arts’, ‘exhibition square’, ‘live music’, ‘lecture’, ‘film scope’, ‘city kaleidoscope’, ‘family outings’ and ‘beyond Taipei’.
  2. Deadline for upload:before 18:00 on the 5th of each month, we will post information about events for the next month on the Culture Express website (for example, if you want it published in April, you must upload information before the 5th March
  3. The website will mostly post information about one-off events or series of events.
  4. Event information should briefly describe the content of the event, such as the music being performed or an overview of the plot of a play.
  5. Information should be simple and easy to understand; if the information or language is too vague or unclear to use, the publication will not be responsible for checking it.
  6. If you need to add further details having already uploaded information, please inform the editing department after making the necessary changes online, so that the paper versions can be changed accordingly.
  7. When uploading event information, please write the main points clearly, and fill in the ‘event summary’ (this is essential for the paper version).

2.Please note:

  1. After the deadline on the 5th of each month, changes can only be made to the online version.
  2. The editor of the paper version will abide by the above deadline.
  3. If you have not done the necessary work within 30 minutes of logging into the website, please log in again to start.

3.If you have any problems, please call 06-214-8004.

Culture Express Editing Department.

Taipei City Government