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Members’ services

Culture Express - Members' Services
Thank you for becoming a member of Culture Express! Our membership services (hereafter referred to simply as 'member services') are designed and provided by the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs (hereafter referred to as the department.) The purpose of these Terms of Use is to safeguard the rights and interests of Culture Express' membership services providers and users, as well as representing a contract between service providers and members. Members must read and agree to the conditions of this Terms of Use in order to complete the registration process and begin making use of Culture Express' services.

1、Member services

* Once the department has completed and confirmed your membership, the department reserves the right to increase, amend or cancel part or all of its membeship service systems or functions.
* The membership services period refers to the day after the user has completed all necessary application materials and registration procedures, and the department has completed setup of all relevant systems so that membership services are available for use by the user.
* All rights and interests related to membership services are retained by the department and owners; members can only use these services during the services period and as stipulated in the terms of use, and cannot by any means transfer, change, rent or lend these rights and interests to any third party.
* Members must ensure that the materials they upload onto the Culture Express website, including text, image files, pictures and other articles and data has been approved by their owner. The scope of use of the aforementioned articles includes the Culture Express website, the paper copy of Culture Express and information provided for the Data Taipei public information platform (http://data.taipei.gov.tw/), where the information can be freely used according to this Terms of Use and the relevant regulations contained in the Taipei City Government public information usage guidelines.

2、Data space and storage

* The department retains the right to increase or amend the size of storage space.
* The department will regularly back up the data that you have stored, although the department is not responsible for deleted data or back up failure.
* The department cannot guarantee that the information you upload will be correctly displayed, and cannot guarantee the correctness of data transmission. If you find any problems or errors in the system, please contact the website managers immediately.

3、Usernames, passwords and security

* Before using the members' services, you must complete the registration procedure set up by the department, during which you must complete all application materials completely and correctly. You must take responsibility for any errors or information that is not up to date.
* You are responsible for safeguarding the security of your username and password. If your username or password is used inappropriately by a third party, the department will help you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but has no obligation to provide any kind of compensation.

4、Data privacy

* In accordance with its privacy policy, the department protects the privacy of all members, including application numbers, personal information and information stored on the website. Other than information relating to illegal activity or which violates the terms of use, the department will not monitor, add to, delete, alter or close any information, or pass any data onto a third party, including sponsoring companies, without the express permission of the user.
* Some elements of member services may be provided jointly by the department and other collaborating companies or partners; if you are not willing to have your personal information revealed to other companies, you can opt out of these specific services, although if you start using these services, the department may, after clearly informing you, pass on your information to these collaborating companies.
* In the following circumstances, the department may check your information or pass it on to a court of law, higher authorities, or provide appropriate evidence for to a third party that rights have been infringed:
(1) By order of the law or judicial authorities.
(2) In order to carry out the requirements of the members' terms of use.
(3) To preserve the correct operation and security of members' service systems.
(4) To protect the legal rights and interests of other users or third parties.

5、Protecting children and adolescents

Given the multitudes of information online, it is difficult to avoid data that is inappropriate for children and adolescents, such as violent, sexual or criminal content. In order to protect children and adolescents from the effects of inappropriate content, as well as setting up filters that remove inappropriate content, parents and guardians should fulfil the following duties:
(1) Avoid letting children and adolescents come into contact with material uploaded by other uses which contains violent, sexual or criminal content.
(2) As far as possible, accompany children and adolescents when surfing the Internet or coming into contact with online information.

6、About Culture Express Member Services Advertisements

* The property rights and advertising rights of all Culture Express web pages, including but not limited to banner ads at the top of the page and other locations thought suitable by the department, pop-up adverts and other forms of advertising are the property of the department. Members and third party may not use any means to advertise, engage in business or link to third parties without the express prior consent of the department.
* All advertising information encountered when using member services are the sole responsibility of the individual advertiser or sponsor and has nothing to do with the department.

7、User behavior

* Any unauthorized business activity is prohibited without the prior agreement of the department or unless allowed by the Terms of Use.
* You must abide by relevant laws and regulations, and must agree to refrain from the following behavior:
(1) Publishing, transmitting, sending or storing any file or data that is libelous, fraudulent, injurious, obscene, pornographic, relating to gambling or in violation of any law of the Republic of China.
(2) Publishing, transmitting, sending or storing any information which violates the intellectual property rights or other rights and interests of any third party.
(3) Extracting or using all or part of any information contained in the members services database without express permission.
(4) Publishing, transmitting, sending or storing viruses or any other information which may harm or interfere with computer systems and data programs.
(5) Harming or interfering with the running of member service systems or violating normal internet etiquette.
(6) Entering the members' services system unauthorized, using other members' usernames or forging identity information.
(7) Stealing members' username, password or access rights.
(8) Any behavior which obstructs or interferes with other members' use of member services.
(9) Any other behavior which does not comply with the intended uses member services are provided for.
* The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all text, images, pictures and other data contained in members' services are the property of the owners, and are authorized for members' use by the owners according to the conditions and scope of authority stipulated at the time. The information provided by the Culture Express website is for your individual use; the text, images, pictures or other data contained on the website may not be used for marketing or rental purposes, and may not be transferred, passed on or reprinted or used for any other commercial purposes without prior authorization. It may also not be uploaded to any other website or passed on to any third party by any means.
* In case of dispute over ownership or any other dispute over text, images, pictures or other data, the department retains the right to stop providing services at any time without informing the user, to delete data or to require that the user stop using the services.
* If any sexual, insulting or libelous images are discovered, the department will immediately remove the image and delete the offending username without prior notification.

8、Limits of responsibility

* The various member services provided are offered only for use according to their function and the situation when they are provided. The department holds no responsibility for guaranteeing any other specific requirement or need on the part of the user, including, but not limited to, issues of speed, security, reliability, completeness or correctness or disconnections and errors.
* You should check that the images, text and other data you upload is suitable for publishing on a public website; the department will safeguard the security of your information as far as possible, but cannot guarantee that there will be no errors in the process of transmitting files and data, and cannot guarantee the security, reliability, completeness and correctness of stored files and data, or that there will no be issues with disconnection or errors.

9、Suspending and discontinuing service

* In case of suspension or discontinuation of any members' service or function due to maintenance or alterations, the department will inform members prior to any interruption via email, public announcement or other appropriate means.
* The department will suspend or discontinue all or some services, with no responsibility for direct or indirect harm to users, in the following circumstances:
(1) Relocation, replacement, upgrade or maintenance of computer equipment relating to member services.
(2) User violation of government order or the Terms of Use.
(3) Natural disaster or any other force majeure incident necessitating suspension or discontinuation of service.
(4) Any other reason necessitating suspension or discontinuation of service through no fault of the department.

10、Ceasing service

* Member' services may wholly or partly cease operation; users cannot require any compensation for this reason.
* If you violate the Terms of Use, the department retains the right to suspend or cease service at any time; the user cannot demand compensation in this case.
* If the files or data you publish, transmit, send or store within the members' services contain any content that violates any laws, contravenes the Terms of Use or harms the rights and interests of an third party, the department retains the right to move or delete files or cease service at any time without prior notification. If the department is harmed in any way because of this, the user has a responsibility to compensate the department.

11、The right to alter the Terms of Use

The department retains the right to alter this Terms of Use at any time; the altered Culture Express members' Terms of Use will be posted publicly on the Culture Express website, and users will not be notified individually.

12、Applicable laws and jurisdiction

* Interpretation, supplementation and application of this agreement abide by the laws of the Republic of China.
* Any lawsuits arising from the Terms of Use shall be adjudicated upon in the first instance by the Taipei District Court, Taiwan.

Taipei City Government