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This month’s events

Nonlinear Science: Chaos TSAI Yi Ting Solo Exhibition

Event catergory:Exhibition Square

Date of publication: 2019-05-16

Date|2019.06.01 Sat.-07.28 Sun.
Venue| Hong-Gah Museum Gallery II
Opening|2019.05.31 Fri. 18:00

“Chaos, in search of an order amidst the disorder.”

“Nonlinear Science: Chaos”, the solo exhibition of Tsai Yi Ting, bases itself on the laws of physics, drawing an analogy between life and mechanical devices in perpetual motions. The artist engages contemplation on the existence of human beings via a scientific approach. Through a miniature mechanism, a mode of operation of the world and between lives are presumed, in which a more macroscopic imagination – of the history of an infinite process – amidst the relationships of time, space, the world, and humans is proposed, conjecturing the induction process of unpredictable life into laws.

In the constant processes of repetition and nesting as well as in the transition from linearity to nonlinearity, these unpredictable paths of life may potentially exist in a larger future and order.

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    Hong-gah Museum

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    2019-06-01 ~ 2019-07-28

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    Date of performance:2019-06-01 ~ 2019-07-28,
    Event venue:Hong-gah Museum
    Address of event:Taipei CityBeitou District大業路166號11樓* Click here to view site map(open a new window)

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