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scape[unseen]-Chang Yung-Ta

Event catergory:Exhibition Square

Date of publication: 2019-05-10


Is there a transparent landscape co-existing with every ordinary scene that we are familiar with in our daily life?

From perspectives and camera obscura to AR and VR of the present day, the angles and dimensions which we adopt to view the world keep expanding as modern technology continues to advance. Moreover, the world that used to be perceived through physical senses, such as vision and hearing, inevitably takes on a new look as it marches relentlessly towards digitalization. It is transformed into a world constructed by myriads of bits and bytes and data adjustment—a world that our physical senses fail to perceive (or are not conscious of). How should we confront ourselves with the unseen? How can we interpret the nexus between data and signals and the meaning of their combination? What kind of world does the unseen represent? I, for my part, would imagine it as a scape, a “transparent landscape” that co-exists with the real world.


Chang Yung-Ta

Born in Taiwan in 1981, Chang Yung-Ta is currently residing in Taipei. His works take on a variety of forms, including audio-visual, experimental sound, sound installations and live performances. He takes a keen interest in observing tiny changes, unnoticeable physical phenomena and sounds in daily life, and then presents his observations in the form installation. With his works, he tries to arouse physical senses to feel and explore this highly visual-oriented world. In recent years, he has worked with choreographers, musicians and artists. His works has been featured in numerous group shows and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America.


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    Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA

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    2019-04-19 ~ 2019-06-30

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    Date of performance:2019-04-19 ~ 2019-06-30,
    Event venue:Gallery 402, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, TNUA
    Address of event:Taipei CityZhongzheng District學園路1號* Click here to view site map(open a new window)

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