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This month’s events

Drawing as Labor - 2017 Taipei Art District Festival

Event catergory:Exhibition Square

Date of publication: 2017-10-04

Drawing as Labor - Contemporary Art Exhibition|2017 Taipei Art District Festival

Duration:2017.10.07 Sat.~ 2017.11.05 Sun.
Artists:LIU Leo, HUANG Ming-Chun, CHIN Cheng-Te, CHENG Yu-Hsiang, TSAI Shih-Hong, YANG Tzu-Chin

30 years x 365 days=10,650

The events happened in history were all deposited with time flows. We pickup and piece up the stories when facing the sequent but divisive timeline, and once again draw them into a future history by handmade warmth.

30 years after the lifting of martial law, the contemporary art in Taiwan has accumulated a new feature. What is art? Or what art can be? The value of art gradually emerges the outline from the artist’s concept and practice, drafts and artworks. But if we look back to see the works, can we face and interpret the history from the start point? And what will be the artists’ next step when confronting the history and society?

The exhibition titled “Drawing as Labor” indicates the creators set off again from history, society and objects, in different art languages and issues, through ways of manual labor and hard work—to collide with social operations with body, to take part in the art accomplishment with hand touch. Through the objects, hand drawing, painting and labor, different materials form new expression systems. The present is history. The artworks by the artists are developed from the past timeline, responding to the happenings, and then tell new stories in personal art words, between narratives and counter-narratives.

Curator/FU Yuan-Cheng

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  • Performance unit

    Fish Art Center

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    2017-10-07 ~ 2017-11-05

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    Date of performance:2017-10-07 ~ 2017-11-05,13:00
    Event venue:Fish Art Center
    Address of event:Taipei CityZhongzheng District基湖路137號一樓* Click here to view site map(open a new window)

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    Ms. Chen

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