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This month’s events

Curator’s Incubator Program @ Museum-Radical Forms of Writing

Event catergory:Exhibition Square

Date of publication: 2017-04-07

The group exhibition Radical Forms of Writing first unfolds an ancient fable, a fable about the conflict between writing and the production of images.

This exhibition comprises a diverse body of work by Hu Weiyi (China), Teng Chao-Ming (Taiwan), Chin Cheng-Te X Yang Yeh (Taiwan), Chang Chia-Che (Taiwan), Aida Silvestri (UK), and Tim Youd (US). In their respective means of expression, these artists take writing as a defensive weapon in response to rapid production and consumption (exhaustion) in contemporary society. Their innate and intuitive urges and wants manifest themselves in the artists’ re-programming of those fleeting memories, both collective and individual. This danger that lurks behind rapid production and consumption, when seen in light of the relationship between text and image, refers not only to the dizzying circulation of images in the digital age, but more essentially, to how the transporting of images conceals, obscures, even tampers with historical memory. However, rather than to say image and text exist in a relationship of conflict and contradiction, one should consider them to be a paradox module where no perpetual confrontation subsists. Therefore, the transporting of images, in this particular context, could result from the fabrication of words, and engender new images in new imagination. In terms of the production of imagery and the construction of ideology, this vigorous transporting of images could be seen as the invisible hand behind the capitalism-induced illusions of happiness. The default critical underpinnings of this exhibition are thus based upon this formula: circulation and accumulation of capital —> consumption and illusion of images —> rebellion of writing consciousness.

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    Hong-Gah Museum

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    2017-04-29 ~ 2017-06-25

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    Date of performance:2017-04-29 ~ 2017-06-25,
    Event venue:Hong-Gah Museum
    Address of event:Taipei CityBeitou District大業路166號11樓* Click here to view site map(open a new window)

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