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This month’s events

Event area Name of event Category Event venue
2017-09-28~2017-10-01 【1839CG-volunteer wanted】2017 TAIWAN PHOTO Exhibition Square 新光三越台北信義新天地A9館_9F宴會展演館
2017-09-21~2017-09-24 The Living Paper Cartoon Performing Arts Cloud Gate Theater
2017-08-01~2017-10-01 【1839CG】2017 TAIWAN PHOTO show Exhibition Square 新光三越台北信義新天地A09_9F宴會展演館
2017-07-29~2017-09-24 [Character.Note] Group Exhibition of Five Contemporary Korean Artists Exhibition Square  Art Influence Gallery
2016-10-29~2017-12-30 Of Celadon and White - Porcelain Unearthed at the Sui-Tang Period Tombs in Anyang Exhibition Square Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
2015-12-19~2017-11-04 Holiday ya charity Flea market(3min walk from MRT Shandao Temple station exit 6) City Kaleidoscope B1F., No.10, Shaoxing N. St., Zhongzheng Dist.,Taiwan more...
Taipei City Government