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This month’s events

30% Off Summer Sale--Limited-time series of the artist Kao, Jen-shyue

Event catergory:Exhibition Square

Date of publication: 2019-06-04

Good & exclusive news!

The series "Hide and Seek Series - Wind Lion" and “A trip for the beetles” of the artist Kao, Jen-shyues is on sale now. 30% off from 3rd, June to 31st, July. The artist is particular about the painting materials and the presentation of the work. In the Wind Lion series, she used hand-made paper to present a simple texture, creating a space by painting layers after layers. And the Kinmen’s Wind Lion was finally painted on, the covered parts were removed. This painting process is like playing hide and seek to look for the spirit, her life faith while she was alone in her residence in Kinmen.

There are two kinds of paper materials for the beetle series. One is handmade paper made of chaff fiber. Its earthy yellow and rough texture can create the similarity with sand land or walls. The other is to make wrinkled texture by hand, showing the wood-like and luster of the Griffith's Ash. From the crouching to the adult beetle, it completes the whole life in the limited time. When painting this series, the artist was like depicting her life in a cultivating way.

Play with the Wind Lions and look for the beetles in this Summer Sale. Seize the opportunity : )

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  • Performance unit

    MinColors Artroom

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    2019-06-03 ~ 2019-07-31

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    Date of performance:2019-06-03 ~ 2019-07-31,
    Event venue:新北市中和區中正路764號7樓
    Address of event:New Taipei CityZhongzheng District中正路764號7樓* Click here to view site map(open a new window)

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    MS. Chen

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